Hi, I'm Aparna Mishra
-Your Wellbeing & conscience coach!

I guide you in awakening your inner intelligence which enhances your living experience by attaining health, happiness & all your desired goals of life! With an awakened inner intelligence, you can connect to your inner powers, be aware of the self, and be the super human who masters its own life.

When these 5 - ‘Indriya’, ‘Chitta’, ‘Buddhi’, ‘Manas’ and ‘Deha’ are in the right balance and work in co-ordination with each other, it evokes your inner powers. I use your conscience as the key to activate your inner intelligence.

Awakening your inner intelligence is possible only when we have a clear, balanced & awakened conscience. A silent and de-active conscience will not be able to connect you to your inner conscious self and communicate with you. I work around and side by side on your complete wellbeing & on awakening your conscience and then use it as a tool to consciously work on your inner intelligence.

Wish you conscious & conscientious living.

Aparna Mishra

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Happy To Help

Has anything in mind about yourself or your loved ones, that keeps you worried? Any insecurity, crisis, incidents from the past, health issues, issues with personal & professional decision making, relationship issues or coping with a grief or loss? Not able to face something or just want to explore yourself & possibilities to be more successful! For all such ‘May- may not be-s’, ‘what if-s’, ‘ I wish I could’s’…
…. I’m there to explore it together, with you!

Every individual has a different equation for life, and deep down we all have our own individual definitions of life and choices. I believe in personal approach to attend to your concerns, with dignified professionalism and confidentiality. Your privacy is my priority.

Feel free to write me now, for a first free consultation through email!

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